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Train Smarter with a Lobster Sports elite grand Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster Sports digital elite grand machines offer unmatched functionality including customizable drills, pre-loaded player-style drill sequences, and fully random oscillation - all of which make you feel like you are playing against a human being! With Apple® product integration, players have the option to control their battery-powered tennis ball machine from their smart device, including iPhone and Apple Watch, or they can opt for our traditional grand remote control. All these features plus blazing speeds and heavy top and backspin on the Lobster elite grand series will challenge any level tennis player from beginner to pro! If you play more, you will win more, so hit with the best: Lobster Sports tennis ball machines

12 custom programmable drills to 18 locations
6 custom programmable drills to 6 locations
6 pre-loaded style drills