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Our Story

In 1970, Harry Giuditta, a retired bank president, bought Green Brook Developing Company, a bankrupt manufacturer of poor quality tennis ball machines. Harry then did a remarkable thing. He recalled every ball machine ever built, redesigned and repaired each one, and then redelivered them to each customer free of charge.

Harry understood good business is when all sides win. Investing in creating satisfied customers, content employees, and pleased vendors leads to the best of reputations.

Over forty years later, Harry's legacy continues through his family.

By believing in always operating with integrity and providing outstanding customer satisfaction, Lobster Sports has transformed into a company synonymous with quality and innovation.

Our Mission Statement

Lobster Sports, Inc. seeks to enrich the lives of our customers through our unparalleled quality sports equipment products and services. We show our care and concern for people by fulfilling our customer's expectations and needs. This is revealed through our core values commitment to operating with honesty, integrity, discipline, vision, respect, and passion.

Dedicated Customer Focus

At Lobster Sports, we believe it is your right as our customer to enjoy interacting with our company, while benefiting from products that last, are fun to use, and improve your health. To create that ease of interaction, we commit to providing you the following.